What Lies in Your Debt Review – Testimonials


“Thank you so much for your course. I can’t believe how much it has helped me. I’ve been in debt for years and have been ripped-off by debt companies many, many times before. Your information is the only stuff that has ever worked for me. You are truly a great man!”

Stephen James
Carson City, NV



“Hello. I’m writing to tell you that I have your package in my hands right now and it’s the best GET OUT Of Debt system I’ve ever seen — And I’ve read a lot. What’s more… it works! Very rarely on the internet do you find something that actually works. I don’t see why it can’t work for everyone.”

Randy Clark
Toledo, OH

All I can say is Thank You!
At one point I had $48,035 in Credit Card Debt spread out on 4 separate cards!
When I lost my job I was having trouble keeping up with the minimum payments.
I was desperate for an answer before I found your site.
Your info is great and I’d have to say its “The Best Get Out Of Debt System In History!”
Thanks to your help I’m now out of debt and it only took me 4 months!

Emily Rodgers
Salt Lake City, UTAH

Here’s my success story. Because of an injury I suffered at work I lost my job and all of my income. The only way I could survive was to live on my credit cards for a while. Well after the dust settled finally settled I owed over $50,000! That’s when the collectors started harassing me. I actually had to change my telephone number 3 times just to keep the creditors off my back. Then I found you and your website. Your techniques helped me to immediately stop the harassment and got me out of my debt situation in only 3 months!

Thank you so much!


Chad Baker
Fort Worth, Texas

I’m so glad I found your course!  After my divorce I had a few problems…Then I lost my job and things got totally out of control. At one point I owed $21,840 in credit card debt! I was talking to a friend about my situation and she told me about your site. So here I am and all I can say is that I’m totally grateful for everything you taught me. Thanks to you my $21,840 in credit card debt is gone!

Sally Moderelli
Lincoln, Nebraska

When I finished college I had a lot of unpaid bills such as student loans and credit card debt piling up. And since I was having trouble finding a job, just making the minimum payments was hard enough. I thought the only way out of debt was to file for bankruptcy! Thankfully I didn’t because when I investigated further and found your course I realized that would have been the worst choice I could’ve ever made.
Thanks for everything and I look forward to living a debt free life.

John Paulson

Erie, Pennsylvania


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