Why People are Getting Richer Every Day? Unclaimed Money Review

One site I ran across even called themselves the “official unclaimed money web site”. What a joke! They were indeed an unclaimed money web site, but just like the others were incomplete and somewhat misleading. The truth is, there is not one central database for finding funds. As inconvenient as this might be, you can understand that we as a people can barely get along with our neighbors, much less ask all our state governments to work together to come up with a central database. The dream is not dead, however to date, it simply is not possible. However, I can show you the most thorough way possible to find your claims using what is currently available.

When I first started searching for unclaimed money, I couldn’t understand why I had to spend so many hours (actually months) combing through the multitude of web sites charging on a per search basis, then making phone calls, then going back to other web sites, which lead me to “dead links”, which made me feel like I was just spinning my wheels and going nowhere fast.

Though the process left me exhausted from all the time, grief and effort spent, I was lucky (if you call persistence lucky) enough to stumble onto shortcuts to ensure the site I was searching was the states official unclaimed money web site and would show me the complete databases for all possible claims in a particular state. Along the way, I also discovered that all unclaimed money sites are NOT created equal and many (most) of them only contain a small fraction of actual claims waiting to be made. It’s true, sites like foundmoney.com and cashunclaimed.com do NOT carry all possible claims.

Recent quotes put the numbers at 7 out of 10 people having unclaimed money owed to them. So there’s a 70% chance you have some sort of money out there, waiting for you to find it.

Based on that math, if you ran a search on 15 different names, you’d find money for at least 10 different people. Imagine calling up 10 of your closest friends and family members and telling them you found them money.

One thing is certain…. you’ll never know unless you search!!!

After your first successful unclaimed money collection, many people consider becoming a full-time professional finder – earning a lucrative income from home. After all, what could be better than handing people free money all day?

With a gold – mine of information like this available at one site, it’s no wonder so many people make unclaimedmoney.net their primary stop for unclaimed money searches, locations and retrievals.

  • Want to be a professional finder? Find out which states make it easy… and which states to avoid at all costs.
  • Discover the two states with the largest amounts of unclaimed money… over 2 billion dollars each!
  • The best time of year to search for unclaimed money… (get the jump on other professional finders).
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to become a well-paid professional finder, including detailed instruction on how to get started, the best and worst states to look for claims and most important – how to make the phone call to the client.
  • The secret “backlog” of unclaimed property… and how you can access it for under 40 cents.
  • Your own personal “Million-Dollar Rolodex” of important links and phone numbers… everything you’ll ever need, for any state, all in one place.
  • How to quickly locate even “hard-to-find” unclaimed money in securities, court funds, unclaimed property and pre-escheat property.
  • Anything and everything you need to find money, retrieve it quickly and avoid paying per search charges or finder fee’s.

You’ll find everything you need, including:

  • A quick-start e-book to guide you step-by-step through your first money search.
  • Your online search didn’t turn up any results so you don’t have any unclaimed money right? WRONG! I’ll show you how to take your search off-line and tap into the hidden goldmine of unclaimed money most people miss.
  • How to get all the vital records you need to file your claim.
  • Is a professional finder holding your money hostage? Does he want a big chunk of cash to divulge the location of YOUR MONEY? Cut him out of the picture with this simple trick.

Some sites rip 10 bucks from your pocket whenever you search. Search for 10 names and you’re out a hundred bucks. Some sites slam you with a recurring yearly subscription fee. Some sites pocket a percentage of every find you make. I don’t know about you, but the thought of giving someone 10-35% of a $10,000 find makes me sick.

But Unclaimedmoney.net is different.

Considering how much money you could make from your very first search, $100 for lifetime access to the private access site would be a steal. With the UnclaimedMoney.net Private Access Site, you’ll get unlimited searches. (Search for 1 name or 10,000 names).

And you’ll laugh at any professional finder who tries to get you to pony up 30-35% of your cash. Now you can have the same tools the pros use. If you have been contacted by finder, you owe it to yourself to save a wad of cash and do it yourself.

You can quickly and easily start your own home-based business… and trust me, there’s no better business than finding money for people.

Imagine the smiles you’ll see when you show people how to get money they never knew they had. After you order, you’ll have immediate lifetime access to the site, and instantly be able to search for unclaimed money in any state. And you’ll get the letter template you need for off-line claims (the most overlooked area for money claims). And you’ll never have to cough up for “per search” charges, yearly subscription fees or outrageous finders fees.

And considering how much money you stand to find, everyone should at least take the time to search for personal unclaimed money.

It’s really a no-brainer. Walk away now and you just might be turning your back on a fortune. $10,000 claims are not uncommon.

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