Belief Buster Kit: How to clear negative or limiting beliefs

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Your beliefs are not the truth, just an accepted perception of such. Yet these inner, largely unconscious ‘agreements’, are shaping and dictating your life in every moment!

Everybody tells you that clearing your limiting beliefs and installing positive ones aligned to your desires is vital for manifesting your dreams, but nobody shows you effectively HOW.

Beliefs are the determinant of what one experiences. There are no external causes. – David Hawkins, I: Reality and Subjectivity

Step one of your Belief Busting journey is to identify them. So much of what you believe you are not even conscious of and simply accept as ‘the way life is’. Yet the ‘way life is’ is a direct PRODUCT of these beliefs.

Most of your beliefs are formed during your childhood years, yet they continue to impact your reality TODAY. Beliefs don’t fade with time. Quite the contrary. If you don’t change them they are compounded by the very experiences they themselves generate in a detrimental catch 22.

You have a belief about EVERYTHING in your world! And if you’re experiencing limitation, struggle or hardship ANYWHERE, be that with relationships, money, your career, health, etc., you’ll find an un-serving belief there to be cleared.

The Belief Buster Kit shows you EXACTLY how to do this, with over 20 exercises and techniques to identify and clear limiting beliefs and create and install new empowering beliefs in their place. It includes the Belief Buster Meditation so you can implement these changes at a subconscious level. It’s time to get off the hamster wheel of your past programs and experience the terrain of your dreams-come-true!

Whole new world’s of possibility are available to you NOW! Your heart’s desires are quite literally A BELIEF AWAY! You see the great news is…

You can CHOOSE what you believe! Would you like to re-invent yourself and your world? The Belief Buster Kit shows you how… Read on to discover exactly what you receive in the Belief Buster Kit

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Part 1 explores what beliefs are, how they are formed, and a consciousness recipe for the Belief Busting Process!

Part 2 looks at how to identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back in your life, and offers 11 specific exercises for doing so.

Part 3 looks at how you can harness your blockages (yes, that’s right, your blockages) to identify limiting beliefs and patterns and turn enemies into allies.

Part 4 shows how to create and install new empowering beliefs that are aligned to your desires (including the Belief Buster Meditation) Part 5 offers 9 techniques for strengthening your new beliefs in everyday life including a Daily Belief Program. Part 6 gives life-changing consciousness raising tips for creating a PARADIGM SHIFT in your life.

Part 7 explores spiritual connection: you and your Higher Self, unlocking the treasure vault within you and the grace of co-creation.

This audio MP3 recording is a 20 minute guided visualization that takes you to the ‘Chamber of Beliefs’ within your subconscious mind where you can clear and replace your limiting beliefs with new empowering ones.

In the Belief Buster Meditation you also release the emotional energy that surrounds and compounds your limiting belief and anchor in your new belief with a corresponding positive emotional resonance.

This powerful meditation enables you to move beyond theory and implement the necessary changes at a subconscious level.

* You also receive the complimentary ebook “‘Law of Attraction – The Bigger Picture” that serves as foundation and backdrop to the Belief Buster Kit,

* PLUS you will receive the ebook “Money & Beliefs – Unlocking Your Abundance” so you can eliminate scarcity thinking and heal your relationship with money once and for all!

Below is just some of what you will discover in the Belief Buster Kit

Trying to apply the law of attraction with counter beliefs is like painting over cracks in a wall. It might look clean and bright for a while, but it’s only a matter of time before the cracks appear again, and the same patterns and agendas rear their not so pretty heads! Until you clear the unconscious limiting beliefs behind them that is!