8 Ways to Improve Self-Efficacy in the Workplace

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Remember how it felt to start a new job? When everything seemed foreign and out of reach? Learning a new job and acclimating to the systems, customers, processes, culture and specialized content can be overwhelming, and it usually takes at least six months to feel comfortable in a new position. But you don’t have to be new to a job to experience doubts about your own abilities. Even experienced employees can struggle with confidence and self-efficacy in the workplace. The imposter syndrome affects us all from time to time. Dealing with change and other stressors can negatively impact our mindset and work performance. There may be many different barriers to an employ… Read More

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5 Sleep Deprivation Signs and Cures

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Time after time, we face difficulties waking up fresh, mostly because we had difficult sleeping the night before. When was the last time you actually had a good night’s rest? When you woke up feeling fulfilled, fresh and eager to start your day? When you had enough energy to score big at that business presentation while managing your children’s high school meetings? Can’t remember, can you? It’s because you probably haven’t. We’re all more or less the victims of sleep deprivation, which com… Read More

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Is There a God? Stephen Hawking Gives the Definitive Answer to the Eternal Question

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“The universe is the ultimate free lunch.”

“Every formula which expresses a law of nature is a hymn of praise to God,” the trailblazing astronomer and leading Figuring figure Maria Mitchell wrote in the second half of the nineteenth century as she contemplated science, spirituality, and the human hunger for truth. Every great scientist in the century and a half since has been faced with this question, be it by personal restlessness or public demand. Einstein addressed it in answering a little girl’s question about whether scientists pray. Quantum theory originator Max Planck believed that “science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature [because] we ou… Read More

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No One Deserves to Be Abused

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“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” ~Kahlil Gibran

You’re stupid. You’re a loser. You’re worthless. You will never amount to anything. You’re not worthy of love. These are things I’ve told myself throughout my life.

The experiences I had throughout my childhood led me to believe I was deeply unlovable. I thought that because I had been abused and ignored, there was something seriously wrong with me.

That’s what abuse and neglect does. It seeps inside you down to the deepest level. It changes you in every way.

You begin to feel as if you don’t matter. You blame yourself, thinking maybe you did something bad enough to deserve it.

You push people away. You build walls because it’s easier th… Read More

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Do You See What I See? A Poetic Vintage Art-Science Primer on the Building Blocks of the Perceptual World

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A lovely illustrated serenade to a world strewn with “lines making patterns of beauty.”

“To see takes time, like to have a friend takes time,” Georgia O’Keeffe reflected in the spring of her visionary career. “The art of seeing has to be learned,” the great French novelist, playwright, essayist, and filmmaker Marguerite Duras — another artist of uncommon vision — wrote half a century later as she considered the essence of life in the winter of hers. And yet we move through the seasons of our lives missing the vast majority of what surrounds us. How, then, do we master the art of seeing — that elementary exi… Read More

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Create a Ridiculously Productive Work Day

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No matter how many hours you’re putting in and how hard you’re working, you don’t seem to be able to keep up with your increasing list. It’s weighing you down and beating the hell out of you to be quite frank. The reality is that a lot of individuals are spending a lot of time in the workplace, while that time is generally not really well spent. Let this show the easy methods to create a ridiculously productive work day.

Eating Well Is A Stress Reliever

You’re going to spend most of your life at your profession if you’re like most of us; so you should appreciate it. Taking preventive measures is the best way to guarantee that you hav… Read More

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