Christian Financial Freedom Success Stories

Personal Finance Success Stories


“Thanks for resolving our issues with our 11 homes. You were able to accomplish in two weeks what we could not do in 8 months.”

James – Florida


“Christian Financial Freedom has helped me with my mortgage and done an excellent job at keeping me in my house and with my credit card debt,

and I will always be thankful to them for that. I could write a book on the good things that Christian Financial Freedom does for many people.”

George – Georgia


“I am writing this testimonial to highly recommend Christian Financial Freedom.The staff at Christian Financial Freedom has high knowledge and treat everyone with great respect and there is no doubt in my mind that they will do anything and everything for people to win whatever fight they might be in for he is well connected to other great minds besides his own if needed. I will always speak highly of Christian Financial Freedom and the help they give and just hope everyone would understand who we are dealing with in our fight!”

Susan – Missouri


“When people really find out what is going on behind the scenes in the mortgage industry like we did through Christian Financial Freedom they will see that there are viable options to the stress and fear that the banks have had over the public for so long. I highly recommend that anyone who has an issue with their loans or mortgages to leverage the resources this business has put together. It could be the best thing they ever did!”

Patrick – Washington


“When my wife and I fell upon hard times, like many people during the current economic crisis, we tried several times to work with the bank with no resolve. Just as we were about to give up, a friend recommended Christian Financial Freedom. Since Christian Financial Freedom has come into our lives, they not only assist and guide us through this difficult time, but they also give us hope. Christian Financial Freedom works for our best interests and not the bank’s, they give us honest answers and know more about our rights than any banking representative would even want us to know.”

Leo – Utah


Christian Financial Freedom finally helps me get an extra income. I thought I would never be debt free until I found this amazing system. Now I can actually enjoy my life to its fullest. Thanks to Dr. Vitale for this amazing system.

Linda – Washington


I though Christian Financial Freedom was just another system promising nothing but scam words.

But when I tried applying in on my own life, I was truly amazed with its result! Thanks God I found it online!

Great system to help people get debt free forever!

Jerry – Milwaukee


All I can say is Thank You!

At one point I had $48,035 in Credit Card Debt spread out on 4 separate cards!

When I lost my job I was having trouble keeping up with the minimum payments.

I was desperate for an answer before I found your site.

Thanks to your help I’m now out of debt and it only took me 4 months!

Candy – New York

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