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God’s Will for You Is Financial Freedom….So Why Does It Seem So Hard for Christians to Get Ahead?

The last thing you need right now is to simply be told, “Have faith, God will supply for you.”

You’ve probably heard that enough that it grates your ears just hearing it. Yes, it’s true. You need faith in God. But you also need to know what to do daily to walk in God’s will for your life.

You need practical answers…and proven easy-to-follow methods you, as a regular believer, can use to receive financial freedom in your life.

It feels wonderful to be free from debt…to be able to serve God not just believing, but knowing all your bills are already paid. Free to serve the Lord…Give to those in need…and Live the life God has truely intended us to have.

A complete home study course that covers everything you need to know about:

How I Went From Broke, In Debt, And Working a Dead End Job to Becoming an Internationally Known Internet Consultant

God’s Step-By-Step Plan for You to Become Totally Debt Free Including Your Mortgage

  • How to Renew Your Mind to See Money, Tithing, and Giving From God’s Viewpoint
  • Becoming Wealthy God’s Way – Christian Entrepreneurial Techniques for Success
  • How Anyone Can Earn a Part-Time or Even a Full-Time Income on the Internet
  • The Internet Lifestyle Plan – How to Work Once and Get Paid On It Forever

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll experience…

  • Step-By-Step Plan to Eliminate Your Debts and Save for Retirement…while still giving and sharing cheerfully with your church and those in need.
  • Why Christian’s finances are often much worse off than those in the world…(here’s a hint: It’s because many Christians are using the world’s methods and God can’t bless them).
  • How to pay off all your debts…even your mortgage…while still having enough left over to live a comfortable lifestyle and give to others.
  • Break the cycle of living payday to payday…here’s how to finally get ahead and into God’s world of abundance!
  • How to recover financially and emotionally from disasters such as bankruptcy and divorce. God still loves you and is more than willing to bless you when you apply wisdom to your circumstances.
  • Find out if tithing is for today…and how it relates to God’s plan for you to get out of debt and step into total financial freedom.
  • How anyone can control their spending…even if they’re currently a chronic shopaholic.
  • How to quickly reach success in your job or business with honesty and integrity…Sure some people take ethical shortcuts, but you don’t have to when God is on your side.
  • Answers to the 7 most asked Christian business questions including “Is it OK to partner with a non-Christian?” and “Can you seek business advice from non-Christians?”
  • How to choose the right place to give…Yes, you are responsible for where you give – Find out how to know you’re giving into places God is blessing.
  • The #1 Barrier that is holding you back TODAY from financial success…and how to overcome it with God’s help.
  • Find out how to break the backbone of poverty and debt in your family. Debt is a curse – and there are simple steps you can take to become Free.
  • How to quit fighting about money in your marriage. Financial problems are the #1 reason for divorce in Christian families today!
  • 7 Practical solutions you can use today to help your finances and save money.
  • One way almost any family can start saving $200 or more per month overnight.
  • Where to invest your money…and how to grow your investments once you’re completely out of debt.
  • How to renew your mind to see money, tithing, and giving from God’s viewpoint…allowing him to open the windows of financial blessing in your life.
  • Discover the real definition for prosperity and wealth to a Christian – it will set you free from all the worry, striving, and guilt you’re currently experiencing.
  • How to conquer the giants in your mind that are holding you back from success…use this strategy to defeat them once and for all.
  • How to find God’s plan and purpose for your life. It’s not as hard as you think…and you might already know what it is without quite realizing it.
  • 3 Biblical rules for giving you most likely have never heard…and some ministers probably would prefer you never find out these rules (but they’re save you a lifetime of heartache)!
  • Are you called to be one of God’s Champions…His entrepreneurs that are pulling millions of dollars out of the world for the Lord’s work?
  • How to turn hobby time into income producing time while having the time of your life!
  • How anyone can start a part-time business on the Internet…including working for worldwide businesses at home in your pajamas.
  • 3 Ways to create your own online income stream in your spare time no matter your age or background (I’m a full-time million dollar Internet consultant and a college dropout).
  • How to make a fortune online without even selling any products or services. Yes, that’s right you can make a load of cash on the Web without staff, products, or even your own website.
  • How to live the Internet Lifestyle like I do where you work once and get paid on it forever…beats a 9 to 5 job anyday and it’s perfect for one of God’s Next Generation Entrepreneurs.
  • 6 Steps to Success in Setting up an Internet Lifestyle Business where money flows to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week even while you’re on a vacation in Hawaii or the Caribbean.

Instead of forcing you to pay for duplication and shipment of these audios around the world (which can be quite expensive), I’m providing them to you in mp3 audio files which you can download to your computer immediately when ordering. These files can be played on any computer, on portable players such as iPods, and even burned to a CD if you have a CD burner on your computer (most new computers have one).