Enemy’s Gift: Why Your Enemies Are Your Best Teachers in Self Improvement


sourced from: https://www.theemotionmachine.com/enemys-gift-why-your-enemies-are-your-best-teachers-in-self-improvement/

Enemies can be our best teachers when it comes to self improvement.

In the context of this article, an “enemy” is simply a person who holds values and beliefs that are opposed to yours, or someone who you strongly don’t get along with due to core differences in attitude and personality.

We all have enemies to some degree – people we can’t stand to be around, people that push the wrong buttons in us, or people who have purposefully hurt us and caused us to suffer in the past.

When we discover an enemy, our instinct is to want to fight them or run away from them. However, these enemies also come with a hidden gift for us that we should learn to embrace.

The enemy’s gift is a concept influenced by Buddhism and popularized by the Dalai Lama. The core idea is that our enemies often give us rare… Read More

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