Holographic Time.

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P.S. I am writing again to say that I am having continual blessings from the reading & understanding of your Books, In realizing how much I have previously lived in both past & future, it is so exciting to NOW understand this, & see where I have been fragmenting.

Discover the secrets of harmonic time: Techniques that will enable you to live the life you’ve dreamed

Your entire life will be improved by Mastering Holographic Time because you will literally change your perception of who you are in the world. You can only find this unique information right here – it isn’t found anywhere else.

You can help transform the entire world to Holographic Time! Millions are discovering the benefits of moving away from Linear Thinking into a powerful new mind-set. When you know you are an unlimited being in an abundant universe, you create abundance instead of scarcity!

In this mind power classic, Christopher uses his degree in psychology to explore time and consciousness from a unique perspective.

He also draws upon holy writings, quantum physics, and ancient philosophy. Whatever the sources, you will come to understand what time really is, and how to change your consciousness experience in a beneficial way!

The specific exercises and the summary questions at the end of each chapter make it a simple matter of practice to create Holographic Time in your life!

How linear time encourages living from the mind, and how to live from the heart in Holographic Time.

How to stop using concepts and structures to view reality, so you can experience the stream of life in Holographic Time.

How Holographic Time is our natural birthright until we are “taught” and programmed to think of time in linear terms!

Why most views of “eternity” are simply extensions of linear time, and what eternity really is.

How miracles are related to time, and how Holographic Time will bring more amazing miracles into your life.

How anxiety and fear are rooted in linear time, and how to destroy these dual bandits in one fell swoop!

How linear time creates addictions, and how Holographic Time frees you from addiction by creating the wholeness that you really crave!

The 3 simple steps to transmuting uncomfortable feelings, and why time is central to this process.

Holographic Time and Language – how to just live in the stream of consciousness and enjoy life.

Why linear time makes it hard to approach life as a game, and how Holographic Time makes it a fun game of endless creation and possibility!

Who you really are as a being of light and energy beyond your current imagination.

How Holographic Time creates a deep and abiding trust in God and this perfectly safe universe!

You wouldn’t be reading this unless you want more from life than you currently have. Holographic Time can change your life at a foundational level.

How we can choose to perceive reality directly, or perceive reality only through concepts and symbols.

How linear time creates the problem of free will, and how Holographic Time truly makes us free and fully accountable for creating our life!

The distinct choice we have of a whole self, or a self broken to pieces, and how time is the fundamental choice between the two.

How our abundance mentality or scarcity mentality come directly from our conception of time.

Why we create stories (mostly incorrect) to explain our emotions and how linear time is the culprit!

How to use Holographic Time to feel the feeling, but let go of the story, with fantastic relationship benefits.

The two ways to change human behavior, and how to use Holographic time to increase the effectiveness of both.

How linear time separates us from everybody, and how Holographic Time increases your awareness of connection with God and with all things.

Why we love our favorite mood altering activities, and how Holographic Time can help you enjoy them even more!

The financial benefits of changing your perception of time, and how Holographic Time can make you very wealthy.

How Holographic Time makes instantaneous personal change possible, because it makes instant change believable.

2) Believe in God in some manner. If you are offended by the idea of God, then…