I’m in awe of your heart-work.


sourced from: http://www.daniellelaporte.com/im-in-awe-of-your-heart-work/

Dear Coaches, Teachers, Counselors… People who serve.

If you’re in the business of Soul-work and service, how do take care of yourself? One of our Desire Map Facilitators, Katie Tassone-Milligan, chimes in: “Holding space for others and giving your all… it can take a toll!”

What do you do to make sure you can shine without burning out? A suggestion. So simple:

End with gratitude. Even if you’re blurry-eyed at the end of the day, make a quick gratitude summary your closing ritual. Say thank you—to yourself. Even if you think you could have done better—declare your strengths. Go to bed grateful.

We polled our Fire Starter Sessions + Desire Map Facilitators about their favourite self-care routines after a workshop or coaching session. Team D … Read More

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