My Miracle Loans – Success Stories

Personal Finance Success Stories


“I was approved (in just 2 Days at the First Bank) for a small business loan of $118,000 (for a retail athletic wear store start-up).  I’d like to Thank You all for this Wonderful Program and Support.  For all of you that are wandering if this program works, it does. 

I am living proof of it… If you want a loan of $100,000 or more you need to get this program.”

             Katie Mims – Yorktown, IL                  


“I’ve seen and researched more internet businesses than you know and have lost thousands of dollars. My friends and family think I’m insane for continuing to invest in programs that never seem to work out for me but I tell them all the time, it’s my life and I’ll make my own decisions.

Now with your program I can finally achieve exactly what I set out to. Your step by step guidelines are the best! I just wanted to thank you for being the first to really change my life!”

             J. Hall – Los Angeles


“My Miracle Loans is awesome!!  I didn’t think it was possible for me to get a loan with my bad credit status so I was really surprised with the information in this program!  I give the My Miracle Loans program 10 thumbs up and would recommend you guys to anyone.  Whether it be getting a quick payday advance, or even getting a huge loan for whatever purpose you need it for, these guys have an answer!”

             Connie Salazar – Los Angeles, CA 


“Believe it or not, I have been trying my hardest to get a business loan to purchase a website business for $115,000.  I have been trying for almost 2 whole years.  Nobody would give me the loan because I have bad credit, no collateral, and it is already extremely hard to get a business loan for an internet business anyway especially one like this.  With your help, I am finally able to get the cash that I need to buy this business….Thanks a lot.  It’s a dream come true!”

Mark Brian – Houston, TX                            


“I was in desperate need of a loan to pay off some immediate bills and to help my cousin out with a very important trip out of town.  I used just one of the methods found in My Miracle Loans in order to borrow $2,500 in just under 1 week’s time!  I didn’t have to show any proof of income, there was absolutely no credit or background check, and my interest payments are very low!  If anyone is seriously looking for loan money fast without the nonsense then this is the right place.  “

             Craig Jones – Houston, TX          


“The loan methods in My Miracle Loans are flat out amazing!!  I don’t really have many negative items on my credit report, but I also don’t have any positive things either.  Unfortunately, not having anything good on your report is just as bad as negative items when it comes to getting a loan.  Using some of your guidelines, I was able to purchase property that I needed for my real estate company with the $49,500 that I was given!!!  This really is a miracle!!!”

             Brett Parker – Houston, TX