My Own Review of Real Mind Power Secrets

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Can the power of the unconscious mind be harnessed to attract the opposite sex, luck, or
even the power to heal your own body at will? How being about able to literally reprogram
your dreams to achieve whatever your heart desires. These are just a few of the mind bending
possibilities promised by the Super Mind Evolution System written by Jim Francis. Being a
skeptic by nature, I found these claims to be a little over the top to say the least. So I’m writing
this Super Mind Evolution System review to see just how accurate these assertions are.

With the recent popularity of books like “The Secret”, the subject of quantum consciousness
and intentionality has become all the rage as of late. What became apparent to me as I went
through the material in Super Mind Evolution was the unique emphasis on the concept of mind
surge programming, which is a dynamic technique that when utilized effectively allows one to
project latent psychic power with focused results.

Admittedly, there are several aspects of the course that are just plain over hyped. Aside from
these advertising embellishments however lies a surprisingly well laid out and written guide.
It became clear to me as I progressed through the book how much the author cares about
the treatment of this subject and for people in general. I was also impressed with the sheer
volume of information included in the course on subjects ranging from self hypnosis and dream
reprogramming to emotional grounding and release techniques.

5 Benefits of Real Mind Power Secrets!
The program is quite comprehensive. There are actually 23 individual courses included in the master package which deal with subjects ranging from Lucid Dreaming to the Secret of Influencing People.

It’s incredibly straight forward and easy to understand. There’s very little in the way of technical jargon or esoteric phrasing that you need a dictionary to help figure out.

You have up to 8 weeks to get your money back if you don’t like it for any reason. If you just don’t see any results after applying what you learn you can literally get all your money back with just a few clicks of your mouse.

You get a free lifetime membership to the “Super Mind Forums” when you sign up. This entitles you to receive digital bonus upgrades and other new research material for free.

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Unlike other Quantum Mind Field products that are currently on the market for several
hundred dollars apiece, The Super Mind Evolution System is priced for maximum value at $97,
which is incredibly reasonable considering the massive amount of material included in this

One of the aspects that could be improved in this system is the use of binaural beats to amplify
brain wave activity. Recent studies have shown Isochronic tone patterns to more effective.
Hopefully the author offers this in a future update.

During the six month program you will learn how to lower yourself into alpha state, but that
is only the beginning. You will learn how to program your subconscious, how to start drawing
opportunities to you, how to increase your mental power and how to improve your luck.

It starts by explaining the benefits of the program and why you should go through the exercises.
I do think the beginning of the course oversells the effects you get but the benefits I have seen
have been incredible.

The 3 main benefits
1. You open a direct line to the subconscious and can program it to work directly on your goals.

2. You rewrite your inner dialogue into a positive one, one who sees opportunity instead of
problem. It helps you gain clarity and motivation which makes you a lot more positive.

3. Just like meditating when you go down into alpha just 10 minutes in alpha mode replenishes
the emotional energy banks as much as 1 hour of sleep.
When I feel tired I often take a break to put myself into alpha and replenish my energy.

It works like a charm.

So if you want to have this amzing and

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What I don’t like
I do think they oversell what you can do with your mind. I do not believe that it is possible to train the mind to bend bars. What you can do with the mind is amazing enough; I don’t think you need to oversell it.

That said, I think this program can really teach you a lot about yourself and your own potential.

What results you can expect

  1. You will feel more positive and motivated The program helps you rewrite your inner dialogue to a positive one which will make you more
  2. positive and will help you focus on your goals.You will activate the subconscious, This will give you flashes of inspiration which can quickly move you towards your goals.
  3. You activate the Law of Attraction.

A lot of visualizing is incorporated into this program. When you do this while meditating it becomes even stronger and more vivid which will activate an even more powerful form of the Law of Attraction.

Move faster towards your goals As you can see the benefits of this program are multiple.
When you start this journey you will quickly be able to accomplish your goals; Increasing your
income, bank account, making you happier, finding love, improving your luck and so on.

You will earn back the initial investment in no time.

Hurry and Grab it now