My Review of Blushing Breakthrough

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  ‘Blushing Breakthrough’ is a full comprehensive guide on how to manage and control your blushing and social anxiety problems written by Jim Baker who suffered himself with social anxiety.

Blushing Breakthrough shows you the reasons why we blush and how to control your mind to stop facial blushing.

For example he will tell you about ‘The Three Pre-Programmed Mental Faults of Blushers’

Jim tells you what the 3 faults are then goes into great detail on how to stop these pre-programmed thoughts using what he calls ‘Positive Feedback Loops’, which I found to be extremely helpful and well written.

This method really does go into depth on how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you and how to change your brain into thinking differently, when I first read this part of the guide it felt like I had finally realized where I was going wrong all my life, to say it was a life changer is an understatement!.

Anyway, back to the review, I have read many books on this specific subject (the how to stop blushing) and don’t get me wrong, I have read some very good material. However this was one of the first guides I have read which gave you the deep seated reasons behind blushing and then giving you the simple methods in which to control the blushing. Also the way Jim’s style of writing these techniques down really makes it an enjoyable yet valuable read.

Here’s exactly how the ‘Blushing Breakthrough’ works:

So the first thing to do is to get out of the negative though patterns and into the positive, Jim has great empathy for you, which comes across in his writing, he has been where you are right now, he knows what its like to feel down on yourself and have low self esteem due to blushing.

Blushing can cause you to think you are different from everybody else, it can also make you think other people can spot your blushing issues just by looking at you, Jim teaches you how to get out of this mindset in down to earth plain English.

The next thing Jim instructs you to do, is the ‘7 Keys to Reprogramming your Brain’ which will gradually control the way you think about your condition. They include very specific brain exercises such as how to quickly empty your mind of negative and anxious thoughts before any social interaction, force yourself to control your fear and how interacting with other people simply isn’t that bad, he also teaches exactly what to do during a blushing attack (I found this part incredibly insightful and valuable).

After reading these methods and more importantly the explanation behind ‘why we do what we do‘, his method, to me, seems like a complete turnkey method to stop you from blushing. This is one of the many techniques Jim teaches you in Blushing Breakthrough.

What are the BAD things about Jim’s Blushing Breakthrough?

Just like every product and book I have ever reviewed, nothing is perfect and here are the minor flaws I noticed after reading Jim’s guide:

– Some of the things you will read in Jim’s guide are very honest, and you will find out a few things about yourself that you might not feel comfortable with, but saying that it is all part of the process to stop blushing, if you think you can handle a few home truths then stick with it.

That’s the only thing I could find wrong with it, so not much really, but I wanted to be as honest as possible with my review.

And how about the GOOD things about Blushing Breakthrough?

– It’s a very easy and enjoyable read to say the least, it’s a real eye opener, if you have suffered with blushing like I have, you will find this guide a lifesaver. Jim really has a fluid writing style and his experience with blushing issues truly shines through.

– He includes things like, pre-programmed mental faults, 7 keys to re-programming your brain, positive feedback loops, how to control your fears, what to do during a blushing attack are just a few I’ve pulled from Jim’s stop blushing guide. His method’s are designed for anyone who has suffered with social anxiety.

– The guide will apply to ‘anyone’. It’s probably the most useful, versatile well written self help social anxiety book I’ve read in a long while. Regardless of your age, sex, religion you are; after reading this guide you will be able to take something away from it that will help you get your life back.

– It’s completely different from ANYTHING I have ever read in this field. Jim really stands out from all those social anxiety experts out there, its probably because he has been where you are now which give him the authority on this subject, his methods are backed up with logically proven reasoning which separates him from the crowd.

Overall, what do I think?

Blushing Breakthrough, in my opinion is the best no nonsense guide on exactly how to stop blushing. Jim, the author comes across as a man who has real understanding of this sometimes crippling problem.

The guide is packed full of techniques and great understanding when it comes to facial blushing. In fact I’ve learnt a lot of great techniques from this book which I am still implementing today, whether its meeting new people or just out socializing. If you are currently going through hell with your own social anxiety problems, then I definitely feel you should pick Jim’s guide up and read from start to finish!