My Review of Easy Calm for Stress Management

Stress Management Success Success Stories

Easy Calm was developed by Jon Mercer. Jon had horrible anxiety for over 20 years! After creating this awesome technique, which he would later name ‘easy calm’, he felt 100% better and no longer struggled day to day. Jon will personally guide you through the process of eliminating anxiety by means of downloadable video sessions.

Also, during a special promotion, He will include four special bonus’ with your purchase :

The Recharger : Meditation MP3 session filled with hypnotic imagery, that can easily be taken with you on an MP3 player anywhere you go!
The six minute miracle : A quick visualization session, to eliminate panic attacks during your hectic schedule.
Easy Calm MP3 series : All of the video sessions, in MP3 format. These can be brought and applied anywhere. Even burn it to a CD and play while commuting to work!
Instant tranquility : MP3 relaxing hypnosis session, to soothe any nerves or jitters.

Jon’s website even includes links to articles and information on Anxiety, ADHD, Anxiety cures, Social anxiety, Public Speaking anxiety, Shyness, and Panic Attacks.

But How does it work?

There are 10 video sessions, totaling over 3 and a half hours of helpful training! What’s nice about this is they can be downloaded and saved to your computer, so you can have access to them anytime, and can start and stop them as you need to. This also makes the total cheaper, as you don’t need to worry about the cost of shipping.
The videos then take you step-by step through the recovery process. All the while teaching you new and easy to use techniques to eliminate your symptoms.

With the free bonus’s included, you can place the MP3’s on a cd or on an iPod and listen wherever you may be, as panic attacks aren’t always at home.

How does it differ from other treatments?

Many of the natural anxiety cures and treatment techniques I have tried come in text format, whether it be from a paper book, or downloadable eBook. The Easy calm method is a video series and includes MP3 sessions as well.

This video and MP3 format is much easier to use if you are a person with a busy schedule, or are always on the go!
It works much more effectively for people who benefit from therapy sessions, though it is MUCH cheaper than the typical office appointment with a psychologist.
What other treatment lets you try it before you buy it? You can watch a 27 minute long video on the Easy Calm website prior to purchasing. This is the actual first video session!
Easy calm provides a money back guarantee and excellent customer service.

The Top 5 Reasons Why EasyCalm is Called “The Best Anxiety and Panic Attack Cure Available”:

1. Personal Anxiety Help: Other programs give you an “ebook” or a few audio files and then you’re on your own. EasyCalm uses a step-by-step video method, where I will walk you through the entire process of stopping anxiety and panic attacks, and then getting on with your life!

2. Experience: I’ve successfully coached people all over the world to eliminate anxiety and panic attacks and appeared on numerous TV and radio programs. And as a former anxiety/panic attack sufferer, I know EXACTLY how you feel, and EXACTLY what you need to do to stop panic attacks and overcome anxiety.

3. Excellent Value/ Customer Service: Many anxiety programs (especially online programs) are charging ridiculous prices for their “products.” $300, $400, even thousands of dollars! And just try to get a real person to answer your emails!

It is my personal mission to be both the BEST and to reach as many people as possible with this information. I keep the cost of the series VERY low, and I answer all emails personally (no auto responders or form emails). But do not be fooled by the low price! You will NOT find a more complete, and effective program for stopping anxiety and panic attacks!

4. Responsibility: EasyCalm has been online since May 2005 and adheres to the HIGHEST ethical standards. We are a Paypal verified company and have passed rigorous screening processes. Beyond that, consider our mission statement: “Give each person more in value than they pay for.” We’ve risen to the top by following this philosophy, and we’re sticking with it.

5. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: Unlike some other programs, I don’t ask you to purchase the program “site unseen.” That’s why I have posted the entire first session from the Easycalm Video Series right here on the website. ALL 27 MINUTES OF IT!

What You Will Learn

You’ll learn the ONE Cause of ALL your panic attacks and anxiety symptoms
You’ll Learn the simple techniques to stop panic attacks
Learn to “flick the switch” and turn off your anxious, obsessive thoughts
Learn SIMPLE mental strategies to overcome social anxiety
Find out how to “safeguard” yourself from future panic attacks
You’ll get step-by-step video guidance through the recovery process
You’ll learn to avoid the “unresolved conflict” that produces anxiety symptoms
You’ll learn what “control” has to do with panic attacks and anxiety…and stopping it!


My Personal Experience

I really liked the Easy calm anxiety treatment. It was very calming to listen to Jon’s voice, and it gave me confidence to get over my panic attacks much quicker. I was able to watch the videos in between my son’s sports, work, and my other around the house duties.

Since I am a mom on the go I was excited that I was able to also get the audio sessions on my MP3 player. It came in handy when I was driving to and from work, as well as my other errands.

Once, when I had a panic attack in the middle of a busy WalMart. I popped my headphones on and began listening. The Instant Tranquility session helped me immensely. I was able to finish the rest of my shopping, and even went on to the next store without problems.

I personally recommend this method. It is easy to use, very unique and comprehensible. When compared to typical text guides, this method seems to work better. Especially for people who are constantly on the go, or who are more responsive to guided therapy approaches.