Success Story How To Be Expert Persuader In 20 Days

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To my pleasant surprise, reading “Expert Persuader” has turned out to be one of my most stimulating experiences ever! The persuasion tactics and secrets you’ve shared are extraordinarily exceptional. You’re really a certified master persuasion expert, no doubt about it. I love your writing style and the sample stories. I told my list that if you are in business you need Michael’s copy on how to persuade people. Even a 12-year old can become an instant persuasion master with your foolproof, step-by-step system! I’m having the best times of my life with my family, friends, and clients; and business is booming because I applied your persuasion techniques. Thanks again, Michael.”

Ross Dalangin, Online Business Consultant


‘How To Be An Expert Persuader’ is one of the best books I’ve seen on the science of persuasion. Michael leads you by the hand and gently guides you through the wild jungle of NLP theory and techniques to guide you to the knowledge and skills that will enable you to accomplish anything and everything you want in life. Once you’ve finished this book, you will find persuasion to be an easy and natural skill to use.”

Alan Tutt, CEO of Powerkeys Publishing

Not only has this book helped me to personally ‘win friends and influence people,’ but I’ve received excellent feedback from my readers who absolutely love this book. Great job, Michael, and thanks for all the priceless information!”

Andreas Ohrt, Chief Editor of Mind Power News


Anyone would almost gain ‘magic power’ over other people after studying this right, which is why this book can be very dangerous if fallen into the wrong hands. But if you use the techniques right, you’ll change your life forever. In fact, the one tip in Chapter 14 on how to give criticism the right way is already worth several times the cost of this wonderful book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s looking to improve their work, study or life in general!”

Martin Merrill, Dating Expert and Author


Before, I didn’t know how to initiate and keep the conversation interesting. But since I applied your persuasion techniques, I now enjoy every conversation I have with my classmates, teachers, and random people on the street. I still have a lot to integrate in your book though…but I am enjoying this persuasion training! Man, my life has changed! I can see everything in a new way now. It seems like every door of opportunity has opened for me. Thank you!

Alfonso Roy Alvin C. Montenegro