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Although lives are so transformed within the Level 5 Mentoring program that refunds are virtually non-existent, we will be happy to issue a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied within the first 60 days!

“In finding the Level 5 program, and community, it has allowed me to feel that the past 12 years plus searching for answers… were not spent in vain, but were instead used in “Sharpening the Axe” so to speak. It lined everything up for me, and gave me so many AHA moments! I feel new again, like everything is coming together – and I truly feel like a kid again experiencing everything for the first time – it has brought wonder back into my world, my Universe. I have a 5, and a 1 year old, and it has brought such a sweetness in my relationships with them – I look forward to passing the Level 5 teachings on to them. ”

“After spending OVER $50k on Personal Development Seminars, Training Programs & Courses Brian personally helped me get to another whole level & even better Brian helped open my eyes to what I was creating in my life. That 1 SHIFT landed 3 NEW deals in less than 24 hours. That’s pretty awesome & now I’m creating many Magical Experiences in my everyday life. Thank YOU Brian for transforming my thinking…”

When you join Level 5, you are joining 1000’s of people from all over the world who see YOU as a limitless being of light!

Imagine, coming home from a ‘negative’ workplace, or spending the day with your unconscious friends or significant other and then being able to login 24/7 and connect and communicate with people who LOVE YOU, who are organized around the Level 5 Paradigm, and who see you as an infinite being of light, encouraging each other, loving each other and expanding into the awesomeness TOGETHER FOR LIFE.

AND, our customer support is excellent! If you have any questions now or later as a member, contact us at Level 5 Zen Desk Support Thank you!